Life is but a Dream

445px-Veszprem_Margittemplom-2It only happens every year or two. A dream passes through me that I remember for a long time to come.

In a narrow alley in some ancient, forgotten city, I am escaping. What chases me, I cannot say, but I am on the run. There is only one direction to go: forward. Behind is no longer an option. I race down the alley and see before me the ornate facade of a church built of beige, stained stone. It is my salvation, I am sure of it. When I finally reach it, the door is far above my head, and there are no steps. I feel trapped, but something lifts me until I face the portal. It is locked. But when I push on the heavy wooden slab, it swings open. Before me expands a sanctuary of beauty, at once intricate and clear. Stained glass sparkles above the opposite wall in a wide circle. Below and to the left is a comfy daybed, on which a man and a woman lie together in each other’s arms, both dressed in vestments. They are asleep, peacefully, and I realize there is no need for me in this enclosure. I am a disturbance, a superfluous presence. Then I notice a door below and to the right of the colored glass round. I pass through it to a courtyard bordered by a low wall. The trees stretch above me and yet I feel warm sun on my face. Birdsong of inexpressible sweetness wraps itself around me. Or is it instrumental music? I cannot say, and it doesn’t matter. It is both. The joy of freedom, of loveliness, demands but one response. I begin to weep. Or am I laughing? I cannot say, and it doesn’t matter.I wake up.

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5 Responses to Life is but a Dream

  1. Karen says:

    Wow, Will, that is a powerful dream! What strikes me is the beauty, serenity, and safety. Like you are finally “home”, and home is not outside yourself. Peace to you.

    ???? Karen

  2. Will says:

    Thanks, Karen. It does feel like home.



  3. Thanks for sharing your dream. I notice how even when you think you can’t get into the place you consider “safe”, you get in anyway. You are lifted to the opening and the door then opens for you.
    There is a lot in this dream and I trust you will hold it close and see your truth.

  4. Duane says:


    This has to be one of the most beautiful dreams I have ever heard.

    Thank you,


  5. Will says:

    Thanks, Duane.


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