If anyone has been wondering about my welfare, rest assured that I am alive and well. Now six weeks after the surgery, the incision has finally healed and my energy is returning toward normal. The procedure seems to have worked, in that the deep-seated abdominal pain is no longer with me. With luck, I will be feeling stronger and healthier as a result, though it looks like full recovery will take another couple of months. Thank you to all who sent prayers and positive intentions my way. Please let me know if you ever need the same. Blessings. (Update posted 20 April 2014, Easter Sunday)

As mentioned in recent posts, I’m going in for major surgery tomorrow. If it feels comfortable to you, please offer a prayer, wish, or thought to support me and my surgical team. Anyone who has read my writing of late knows I believe in mysterious currents flowing through creation. It’s possible that prayers/wishes/thoughts will favor a smooth and successful procedure. And they can’t hurt! Thank you, in advance, for this gesture.

As also mentioned, I’m using this turning point in my life to bring the WillSpirit project to an end. There is a chance I’ll polish and then re-post some of my better pieces, but whatever new writing I do will be in some different context: maybe offline working on a manuscript, or maybe on a new site with a specific focus. Time will tell.

So anyone interested can check back to find out how things turned out following my procedure, after a few weeks of healing I’ll change the wording in this entry to provide a brief update. And if I launch a new site, I’ll post a brief announcement.

Let’s close down this project with a poem I wrote a few months ago, one that manages to summarize  insights that have come to me in the process of writing this blog. My aunt, who has always been one of my most important sages, liked it enough to show it to her minister. To me, that suggests the piece manages to say something worthwhile.

To all who have read my writing and/or communicated with me, I offer my love and gratitude. Please feel free to reach out via email, anytime.

And now, one last image and then WillSpirit’s final words:



We are not
born and do not die
like this.

No, we begin as innocents
hanging loosely over the land
like garments gripping a clothesline,
dripping with ignorance, sometimes flapping
upward toward a waxing yet faded moon like tethered
wings but mostly freezing, bit by bit, in the desert dawn
until late morning, or just after, when we awake
rigid with terror in the midst of life.

If we are lucky,
the elements melt our frosted casings.
The sun and sky whisper to us until we understand
how to burn with age and embrace our whipping and shredding
by time and its dispassionate winds.

By afternoon, nothing is left
but our feathers. Our downy fragments
circling, we become aimless, almost thoughtless,
dancing like sparks sputtering out of God’s galactic campfire,
or the stout candle of love, or whatever we imagine ignites us. Or maybe,
tired of rising, we fall, dropping through opaque clouds as brisk and fluid as spring
rain that moistens and reshapes a sterile, hardened landscape
until it lies blanketed under thick, wet loam.
We have come to this.

We could have predicted some of this,
but who, when young, can foretell such odysseys
of up and down, or so many visits to heaven and hell, or all of it
woven together into a single nest? Yes, yes, we all wish we had learned
sooner, but in the beginning we can’t see our true forms. Only those strings
binding and choking us seem obvious, and then our decay, our slow disappearing.
But one day we remember everything someone told us to forget,
and our doubts drop away like duff from a redwood
more ancient and enduring than anything
we have known.

Settled peaceably,
long after the luminous sunset,
perched on some craggy ridge top, we begin
to see. We were not born and will not die,
not like this.


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THE END — 14 Comments

  1. Will,
    I hope this is not The End, but a new and wonderful beginning for you.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

  2. Rossa–

    Yes, that’s my hope, too. WillSpirit taking a well-deserved rest as Will goes on to whatever’s next. Thanks for your support.



  3. Dear Will,

    Something told me today to come and visit your blog. I’m glad I stopped by.
    I believe that your surgery will go well. I think that God, and the energy of the universe is going to be there guiding your surgical team. I will visualize the presence of a higher power holding on to the scalpel – just as newlyweds hold a knife together to cut the cake.
    May your recovery be swift, your pain minimal and the future of your writing be successful and rewarding. I have enjoyed your deeper, contemplative moments, the times when you have shared your vulnerability and your stories. You have survived so many greater challenges than this upcoming surgery. It should be a cake walk :)
    Wishing you all good things. Take care, and I’ll be watching for your name to appear in other places.

  4. You are in my prayers. I have enjoyed your writings. They usually addressed just what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing your gift and vunerability

  5. Dear Will,
    I offer up a prayer, lovely thoughts for you and for your surgical team.
    Your mind is a part of God’s and you are very holy. Remember you can always choose to see peace instead of any depressing or low feelings that may appear.

    May your thoughts be still. I send you much Love, Marsha

  6. Will,
    May the longtime sun shine upon you
    All love surround you
    And the pure light within you
    Guide your way on.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration and a beacon of hope for me over the years. Look after yourself and may you heal fully and quickly. Hope to hear more from you, whatever your new path may be. Take good care.


  7. Sheila–

    Thanks for the great message. I love the image of the hands cutting the wedding cake. I am opening myself to the cosmic flow, tomorrow and at all times. I am so glad you found something worthwhile in WillSpirit. It pleases me to know you’ve enjoyed its twists and turns into philosophy, personal disclosure, and so on.

    With Love & Gratitude,


  8. Roslyn–

    There is a synchronicity in language, sometimes, and it’s nice to know we resonated in that magic. Thanks for reading.

    Warmth & Blessings,


  9. Marsha–

    Thank you for the reminder. It’s been a pleasure communicating with you from time to time over the years. Please keep in touch, if that feels comfortable to you.



  10. Karen–

    Thank you for reading and for the lovely Irish poem. What a perfect send-off!

    May the great cosmic love support you in all things,


  11. So glad to find that you are recovering well and that the surgery was successful. Prayers do get answered :)

    Wishing you all the best in your recovery and in your future endeavors.