Will Mindfulness Replace Religion? Don’t Count on It.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” –Albert Einstein Will people someday discard beliefs about a caring universe? Will mindfulness meditation … Continue reading

The End of WillSpirit?

Don’t be alarmed. Although my body will be undergoing major surgery in less than a week, this post’s title does not reflect a morbid fear. I’m confident the outcome will be successful, and I look forward to freedom from the … Continue reading

Feeling Small, Again

Has it really been ten days since my last entry? As has happened before, my enthusiasm for a writing project waned suddenly. It’s part of a larger pattern of repetitive mood swings, each of which begins as inflated confidence only … Continue reading

Exploring the Roots of Awareness

Blogging gets exciting when visitors engage in conversation. An exchange between Cathleen and myself has felt so interesting, I’m publishing it as a post of its own. As you’ll see, many concepts have come up that advance the discussion at … Continue reading

A Thinking Universe?

The tactic introduced last time, of looking to human minds for insights into the Cosmic Mind, is interesting as far as it goes. But it doesn’t go very far unless we’re persuaded that: a) the cosmos is indeed a mind; … Continue reading

What Rules On High?

If the universe is a mind, as so many posts have promised this series will demonstrate, what implications does this have for religion? Do we believe in God? Do we not believe in God? If I build a plausible case … Continue reading

Branching Awareness

Ideas multiply. Sometime back I tried my hand at explaining Relational Frame Theory, the grounding philosophy of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Although the subtleties of the theory escaped me, it was easy to grasp that word associations proliferate rapidly. The … Continue reading

Reenter the Garden

Since I’m not spending much time reading other blogs right now, I don’t leave comments at other sites. Without visibility on other websites, and especially given my very sparse output here, the traffic to my journal has dropped off sharply. … Continue reading

Organism, Writ Large

In an earlier post, I praised Douglas Hofstadter’s vision of consciousness as a product of recursive and resonant self-reflection. The point of that essay was to highlight the profound value of observing one’s inner life: mindfulness brings one to the … Continue reading

Maturation of the Mind

There is a state of mind, known to religious men, but to no others, in which the … time of tension in our soul is over, and that of happy relaxation, of calm, deep breathing, of an eternal present, with … Continue reading