What? Success Doesn’t Ensure Happiness?

The self-inflicted death of Robin Williams is pushing my buttons. And while I’ve read many commentaries, I have yet to come across one that speaks to the issue I find most affecting, so I feel prompted to chime in. My … Continue reading

Growing Beyond Our Limits

Humanity builds its monuments at the expense of the natural world. Our cities suck resources from the countryside. Our pleasures come strip-mined from the earth, or pumped out with aid of poisons injected underground. ¬†We engineer plants that generate their … Continue reading

Feeling Small, Again

Has it really been ten days since my last entry? As has happened before, my enthusiasm for a writing project waned suddenly. It’s part of a larger pattern of repetitive mood swings, each of which begins as inflated confidence only … Continue reading

Letter from the Brink of Sanity

How to tell a story that has no beginning and no end? A tale that was ongoing before you were born and continues to this day? Choose an episode that pressed your first footprints on some new path. Like the … Continue reading

Freedom’s Just Another Word

Passionate, self-destructive women have always interested me. As a young man I felt drawn to the poetry of Anne Sexton. Even earlier, as a teenager, I felt passionate about the music of (the already deceased) Janis Joplin. This attraction likely … Continue reading

Sculpting Happiness

Today I am filling in at the local Suicide Hot Line. Since this time of day tends to be slow, I’ll probably have time to complete a post. As I planned this essay, knowing where I’d be writing it, the … Continue reading