Could Everything ‘They’ Tell Us Be Wrong?

Why should I let others define what’s important for my life? Do they know better? Or if they know better, does what they know apply to me? More and more, I’m thinking not. I’m thinking that what society values is … Continue reading

What? Success Doesn’t Ensure Happiness?

The self-inflicted death of Robin Williams is pushing my buttons. And while I’ve read many commentaries, I have yet to come across one that speaks to the issue I find most affecting, so I feel prompted to chime in. My … Continue reading

Growing Beyond Our Limits

Humanity builds its monuments at the expense of the natural world. Our cities suck resources from the countryside. Our pleasures come strip-mined from the earth, or pumped out with aid of poisons injected underground. ¬†We engineer plants that generate their … Continue reading

Feeling Small, Again

Has it really been ten days since my last entry? As has happened before, my enthusiasm for a writing project waned suddenly. It’s part of a larger pattern of repetitive mood swings, each of which begins as inflated confidence only … Continue reading

Letter from the Brink of Sanity

How to tell a story that has no beginning and no end? A tale that was ongoing before you were born and continues to this day? Choose an episode that pressed your first footprints on some new path. Like the … Continue reading

Freedom’s Just Another Word

Passionate, self-destructive women have always interested me. As a young man I felt drawn to the poetry of Anne Sexton. Even earlier, as a teenager, I felt passionate about the music of (the already deceased) Janis Joplin. This attraction likely … Continue reading

Sculpting Happiness

Today I am filling in at the local Suicide Hot Line. Since this time of day tends to be slow, I’ll probably have time to complete a post. As I planned this essay, knowing where I’d be writing it, the … Continue reading