5 Tips for Healing after Childhood Adversity

1. Reframe Vulnerabilities Those of us who experienced abuse, grief, or neglect during childhood feel different from those who didn’t. We are more easily hurt, which leads to withdrawal or rage. We feel less confident in ourselves, which leads to … Continue reading

Mindfulness Instruction: A Trigger for Flashbacks of Abuse?

Why can’t mindfulness and I just get along? It’s perverse: here’s this healthy practice endorsed by scientists and mystics alike. Since I respect both, you’d think I’d find it easy to join the fad. But I balk. I find myself … Continue reading

Those Absolutely Essential Truths I Can’t Remember

My dog fell ill, and I forgot every healthy lesson life has taught me. Ralphy, an eleven pound mass of gray white fur and–I believe–the most affectionate companion in the world, has been one of my steadiest supporters for seven years. Saturday morning, … Continue reading

Child Abuse: Just My Imagination?

Are memories of childhood adversity nothing but self-defeating stories we tell ourselves? It’s easy to question the way childhood hardship often lingers on the mind. Does thinking about the past do more harm than good? A few years ago, after a book and a … Continue reading

My Childhood Made Me Do It!

The good thing about having been raised badly is that it provides an excuse for the embarrassments of later years. Have you succumbed to addiction? The Adverse Childhood Experience Study demonstrates how susceptibility to alcoholism and drug abuse rises in near-lockstep with one’s burden of early hardships. … Continue reading

Announcing: Peace, Love and Childhood Adversity

Please visit my new blog: Peace, Love and Childhood Adversity, hosted by PsychCentral.com. The essays will explore the central topic of recovering from childhood hardship from many directions, all in service of one healing message: vulnerabilities traceable to such history can, with the right … Continue reading

Reenter the Garden

Since I’m not spending much time reading other blogs right now, I don’t leave comments at other sites. Without visibility on other websites, and especially given my very sparse output here, the traffic to my journal has dropped off sharply. … Continue reading