My Childhood Made Me Do It!

The good thing about having been raised badly is that it provides an excuse for the embarrassments of later years. Have you succumbed to addiction? The Adverse Childhood Experience Study demonstrates how susceptibility to alcoholism and drug abuse rises in near-lockstep with one’s burden of early hardships. … Continue reading

Announcing: Peace, Love and Childhood Adversity

Please visit my new blog: Peace, Love and Childhood Adversity, hosted by The essays will explore the central topic of recovering from childhood hardship from many directions, all in service of one healing message: vulnerabilities traceable to such history can, with the right … Continue reading

Reenter the Garden

Since I’m not spending much time reading other blogs right now, I don’t leave comments at other sites. Without visibility on other websites, and especially given my very sparse output here, the traffic to my journal has dropped off sharply. … Continue reading

The Soul’s Affliction

I’ve been interested lately in what happens when we as humans take offense. Let’s say someone does something we perceive as immoral or abusive or otherwise wrong. My working example has been how Dick Cheney, while vice president, may have … Continue reading

The Tyranny of Self

In one of those strange and common coincidences, after completing the last post about altruism I came across someone else’s discussion of the exact same issue. The late Carl Sagan and his wife, Ann Druyan, published Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors … Continue reading