Childhood Suffering and the Promise of Freedom

Can you imagine feeling grateful for childhood adversity? Though such sentiment would once have seemed absurd to me, it’s now an established feature of my life. This striking shift in outlook prompts me to start a new blog. More than five years ago I launched an online journal called WillSpirit … Continue reading

A Universe of Love

Does a vision of God prove God exists? For the person who is blessed with such a vision, it seems so, at least for a time. In 2000 a series of mystical experiences left me transformed. How could I doubt … Continue reading

Reality for the Rest of Us

Lest anyone forget this writing project began as a ‘mental health blog,’ I must admit that for all my high-minded philosophy, I’ve lately been struggling. Last night I was literally shaking with agitation. I felt argumentative and was unkind to … Continue reading

View from the Abyss

Change is natural. Change is inevitable. Let’s face it: even a quasi-venerable, quasi-risible institution like WillSpirit must transform. After more than four years of blogging and some 460 WillSpirit essays, I’ve learned a lot about online writing, mental health, spirituality, … Continue reading

Letter from the Brink of Sanity

How to tell a story that has no beginning and no end? A tale that was ongoing before you were born and continues to this day? Choose an episode that pressed your first footprints on some new path. Like the … Continue reading

Reenter the Garden

Since I’m not spending much time reading other blogs right now, I don’t leave comments at other sites. Without visibility on other websites, and especially given my very sparse output here, the traffic to my journal has dropped off sharply. … Continue reading

No News Is Good News

Democracy depends on the public staying in tune with current events. However, the volume of news is now so great that no one can remain truly informed about every matter of importance. So although I acknowledge an ethical responsibility to … Continue reading

The Soul’s Affliction

I’ve been interested lately in what happens when we as humans take offense. Let’s say someone does something we perceive as immoral or abusive or otherwise wrong. My working example has been how Dick Cheney, while vice president, may have … Continue reading


As often happens, a reader’s comment prompted me to discuss an important topic that I should have thought of on my own. Invoking Buddhist meditation as a path toward freedom from anguish risks giving the impression that I am suggesting … Continue reading