Trauma: Vitamin ‘T’ for the Soul

Vitamin ('vītəmĭn; noun): Any of various … substances essential in minute amounts for normal growth and activity. Imagine a supplement that could increase human compassion and sensitivity. Would you add it to your diet? If it meant enduring discomfort, as … Continue reading

Child Abuse: Just My Imagination?

Are memories of childhood adversity nothing but self-defeating stories we tell ourselves? It’s easy to question the way childhood hardship often lingers on the mind. Does thinking about the past do more harm than good? A few years ago, after a book and a … Continue reading

My Childhood Made Me Do It!

The good thing about having been raised badly is that it provides an excuse for the embarrassments of later years. Have you succumbed to addiction? The Adverse Childhood Experience Study demonstrates how susceptibility to alcoholism and drug abuse rises in near-lockstep with one’s burden of early hardships. … Continue reading


Fourteen years ago my mind broke, though I prefer to say it broke open. In my nearly five hundred WillSpirit essays, I’ve often discussed that mental shattering. As its fourteenth anniversary approaches, I find myself living the consequences in the … Continue reading

Married to Life

When do we commit to life? And how? We commit when we see our situation in context and when, seeing all the treasures and terrors life promises, we embrace the whole of it. Easy to say, but gaining such clarity … Continue reading

Losing Heart, and Finding It

If the universe cares about us, it does so in ways we don’t understand. This isn’t a flaw in the cosmos. The difficulty lies in our misinterpretation of both our selves and our surroundings, what the Eastern traditions call maya, … Continue reading